Our Founder – Rio Bethune


Rio’s vision for Home Base Ranch was borne out of a desire to support young people growing up.

Very aware that it’s not getting any easier to grow up in the 21st century – more (rather than less) support is needed to build our next generation of leaders; the Ranch is Rio’s contribution to our collective future.

Rio knows that it really does take a village to raise a person and she created Home Base Ranch to be that village. The Ranch provides a solid base for young people to be their most amazing and happiest self. At the Ranch, mentors not only boost young people up to see their best self, they revel in every step taken towards reaching that version.

With skills honed as an effective facilitator, and leader in several personal development organizations, Rio tailors her support to each person’s (or horse’s) needs. As an experienced horse handler, she has a strong bond with each of the horses at the Ranch, providing a purposeful, safe and healing place for them to live their final years.

Kindness, respect, and admitting mistakes – these are the qualities of a good leader in Rio’s experience. As well as feeding these qualities in herself, she fosters them in our young people – believing that their growth at the Ranch will impact the rest of their lives.

Bringing old horses and young people together is magic all by itself. Adding in solid mentoring from experienced mentors removes barriers to peace and joy in the process of growing up. That’s Home Base Ranch.

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What people are saying:

  • My son has dramatically improved his performance at school and has become an engaged and thoughtful member of our family....
    Mother of Current Participant
  • Seeing happy, connected and energetic young men emerge from lonely and struggling teens has brought me a wealth of joy. There is something magical about this ranch and this team who have dedicated themselves to such a noble vision.
    Gregg Neveu HBR Board of Directors
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