Our Herd

All of our horses at Home Base Ranch were rescued. Each horse has a history, just like our youth, and every human being. They have come to Home Base Ranch – after working various jobs – to heal themselves, each other, and the young people who interact with them. Every horse has a different personality, and together they serve as our Equine Learning Herd.

Austin Powers
At Home Base Ranch since 2014
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Grey


Austin Powers trained and served as a Vaulting Horse prior to living at Home Base Ranch. Equestrian vaulting is most often described as gymnastics and dance on horseback – with the horse walking or cantering in a circle. Retired from vaulting, Austin Powers came to Home Base Ranch in 2014. Initially aloof, Austin has become one of our most loving horses. He is always ready for gentle face rubs and to be scratched. Austin Powers is our only grey horse.

Once the male leader of the herd, health problems and age caused him to step aside for EZ to take on that role. At one point, Austin’s health was so fragile that it was recommended he be put down. At Home Base Ranch, we don’t give up on horses (or people) if there is a chance for healing. With a lot of love and determination, Austin Powers is currently as healthy as a 30-year-old arthritic horse can be.

– – – – –

At Home Base Ranch since 2014
Previous job: Western Pleasure Horse
Breed: Paint (usually spotted)


EZ is our youngest horse. His father was a champion professional western pleasure horse competing in rodeos. EZ was also an athlete, training to follow in his father’s footsteps until he unfortunately injured his knee. At Home Base Ranch, EZ is is super friendly and affectionate and can act like a puppy with people, even though he is the herd’s lead male horse.

EZ is a paint horse, although he looks like a Bay with his brown hide and a black mane & tail. He also has a heart-shaped blaze on his forehead and a white nose. EZ’s outgoing personality makes him a good horse for beginners. Though arthritis has settled in EZ’s knee, he is a healthy young man and expect him to serve for many more years.

– – – – –

At Home Base Ranch since 2014
Previous job: Pleasure Horse
Breed: Half Arabian, Half Morgan

EZ & Kryptonite

Kryptonite was a little girl’s horse before his difficulties. As a result of his experiences, he stayed away from all people when he initially came to Home Base Ranch. At first, contact with Kryptonite was limited to reading to him in a soothing voice so he could learn to trust us.

Through work with horse-whispering trainers using The Natural Horsemanship Method, Kryptonite was re-socialized to take his place in the herd. He’s also reconnected with his love of children, allowing them to pet and love him.

Kryptonite has a dark brown hide and black mane & tail. He has a small, light blaze on his forehead.

– – – – –

At Home Base Ranch since 2013
Breed: Tennessee Walker
Color: Flaxen Chestnut with white socks & white blaze


Our very first horse to arrive at Home Base Ranch, Sneakers is a Tennessee Walking Horse, which is a breed of horse with a unique gait that gives the rider a smooth ride. His coloring is called Flaxen Chestnut, meaning that he has a generally reddish coat with lighter “strawberry blond” hair in his mane and tail. Sneakers is easy to identify by his 4 white socks. He also has a white blaze on his face from above his eyes to the end of his nose.

Sneakers is super sensitive – his history has led him to be more reticent with newcomers, so staff mostly handles him. At the same time, his sensitivity allows him to connect and co-regulate with students who are on his same wavelength. Sneakers is a challenge, so he teaches us to deal with challenging people, including ourselves.

– – – – –

At Home Base Ranch since 2015
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Chestnut


Trudy was the only female horse at Home Base Ranch until Glitter arrived in 2022. Since horse herds are matriarchic, she is the boss of everyone. Trudy keeps everyone in check with her leadership, disciplining the males if (when) they act up. When she senses danger, Trudy gets protective of her people and will intervene to keep them safe if she can. Trudy has a strong personality, which may seem contradictory to her approachability, but Trudy is super safe for people to be around. She is extremely patient.

Trudy came to Home Base Ranch when she needed to find a new home. Her original owners could no longer take care of her. Much of her history prior to her arrival at Home Base Ranch is unknown to us.

Trudy’s coloring is chestnut, meaning her hide is reddish, and her mane & tail match her hide.

– – – – –

At Home Base Ranch since 2022
Breed: Quarter Horse
Previous job: All Around Athlete
Color: Bay with small white blaze


Glitter is our newest and youngest horse. She came to us in late 2022 at 13 years old. As the second female horse, she is still finding her place in the herd. We’ll see if Trudy will step aside and give up her leadership role.

Glitter came to Home Base Ranch after a varied career as a trail horse, a barrel racer, fox hunter, breakaway roping, and more – Glitter is always up for a new adventure and learns quickly. She is kind, smart, easy – and SO pretty! Glitter is great with people and we look forward to getting to know her better.

Glitter’s coloring is solid chestnut with darker legs, a black mane & tail, and a small third-eye white blaze on her forehead.

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