In Memoriam

At Home Base Ranch 2014-2015
Previous Job: Plow Horse
Color: Cremello


Nathan was affectionately called Grandpa Nate by all of us at Home Base Ranch. He was cremello colored – the horse world name for blond.

He spent the last year of his long, hard-working life at Home Base Ranch soaking up all the tender care he could. When he arrived, Nate was thin and scared. He screamed – nobody at the ranch had ever heard a horse make sounds like Nate did.

Kryptonite was Nathan’s protective buddy. The two horses helped each other accept the love that was offered. With patience, and Kryptonite’s presence, Nathan screamed less often. When it was time to put Nathan down, the last week at the ranch was all about Grandpa Nate. The tired horse was very old and in a lot of pain that could no longer be controlled. Nathan got all the treats he wanted, extra love, songs and ceremony on his way out. He deserved it and more.

Resting peacefully, we honor Grandpa Nate and his long years of service. Part of Nathan lives on at the ranch, and we are better humans for it.

– – – – –

Home Base Ranch Hand 2012-2019
Breed: Golden Retriever
Job: Certified Therapy Dog

Ranger Home Base Ranch

Ranger worked hard at loving everyone at the ranch. With his big smile and gentle nature, of course everybody loved him back. Ranger’s keen sense of people’s emotions led him to sit by whoever needed his deep, calm presence. He often leaned in on people as his way of quietly hugging and supporting.

When he wasn’t working, Ranger was also really good at playing baseball. Ranger was the best outfielder – he never failed to bring the ball back.

As junior member of the Home Base Ranch team, Ranger took to his job easily and happily, contributing to chores in his own eager way. Ranger left a thick layer of his sweet energy behind and we still draw from it every day.

– – – – –

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