How You Can Help

Home Base Ranch is committed to providing its programs and services to all families and individuals independent of their ability to pay.



Home Base Ranch needs people like you who want to walk with us in our mission and partner with us to transform the lives of young men.


Adopt A Horse      IMG_0055

Horse Sponsorship means funding one horse for one year at $3,000 per horse.  Your gift provides feed, veterinarian care, supplies, and farrier treatment for their hooves.

I want to Adopt A Horse for one year.  Please bill my credit card for:

One Time Donation:                         ______$3000

Semi-Annually Pledge Payment:   ______$1500

Quarterly Pledge Payment:            ______$750

Monthly Pledge Payment:              ______$250


There are many ways for you to partner with Home Base Ranch.  You can impact a boy’s life forever by becoming a sponsor or imagine – you can impact an entire family and change their lives forever…

One Time Donations:                IMG_0149

• Feed 6 Horses for a Month:    ____$1200
• Farrier 6 Horses a Month:  _______ $300
• Feed One Horse for a Month:  _____$200



Sponsorship For A Family or Client                               walking

•Sponsor Therapy for One Family for a Month:     $2,500 ___________

• Sponsor Therapy for a Client for a Month:      $2000  ___________



To ensure Home Base Ranch’s commitment to provide its services to all young boys, adolescents and families, make a sustaining gift to HBR.   Your monthly gift can change the life of one boy – one teenager forever…

I want to help with my monthly sustaining gift of:                           Photos

_____$15     _____$25     _____$50     _____$75     _____$100   $________Other


One-Time Donation:

_____$1000     _____$500   _____$250     _____$150     _____$100     _____$75     _____$50     _____$25     ______Other




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If you'd like to talk about our services and what we can do for you, please get in touch..

What people are saying:

  • My son has dramatically improved his performance at school and has become an engaged and thoughtful member of our family....
    Mother of Current Participant
  • Seeing happy, connected and energetic young men emerge from lonely and struggling teens has brought me a wealth of joy. There is something magical about this ranch and this team who have dedicated themselves to such a noble vision.
    Gregg Neveu HBR Board of Directors
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