Mark Anderson

Local semi-retired business owner Mark Anderson lends us his decades of operational experience and a lifelong commitment to personal growth. He has been clean and sober over 35 years. Additionally, Mark has extensive leadership experience, leading over 40 Mankind Project New Warrior Training Adventures men’s weekends. He is committed to living and teaching integrity, accountability, and living a passionate, mission-driven life.

Mark serves as board member, CFO and youth mentor at the Ranch. He can also be found in the stalls with the horses at times. Mark is deeply committed to maintaining and growing the programs at Home Base Ranch. He shares its history and vision with everybody who may be able to support the Ranch in any way – however small or large – and considers outreach a key component of his commitment. He’s helped secure non-profit status, partnerships with local school districts, as well as outside funding sources.

As a parent, grandparent, foster parent and mentor, Mark brings experience that can only be obtained through living a full life. He passes on his hard-earned knowledge to our boys and girls in hopes of positively affecting their futures.

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What people are saying:

  • My son has dramatically improved his performance at school and has become an engaged and thoughtful member of our family....
    Mother of Current Participant
  • Seeing happy, connected and energetic young men emerge from lonely and struggling teens has brought me a wealth of joy. There is something magical about this ranch and this team who have dedicated themselves to such a noble vision.
    Gregg Neveu HBR Board of Directors
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