Integrative Mentoring

Hiking BoysWhile gaining significant insights in their time with horses, it is often challenging  for young people to integrate this awareness into their daily lives. To facilitate this integration, the mentoring staff shares their life experience and wisdom gained by overcoming personal challenges. Through modeling a positive attitude and lifestyle, mentors help these young people to learn life lessons, to gain life skills, and to create happy purposeful lives.


Equine Assisted Learning


Equine Assisted Learning is an experiential learning approach in which horses provide a gateway for people to gain self understanding and emotional growth. Through interactions with the horses, a person can discover and explore patterns of relationships that have become problematic. Our young people learn about themselves and their role within social and family dynamics.

Horses mirror moods, teaching a person how their behaviors affect others.  This feedback process encourages them to change their behaviors to successfully work with the horse and ultimately other people.  This process invites them to treat others with compassion, respect, and patience. Time spent with the horses is designed to be therapeutic and fun, as well as create memories that will last long after our youth leave Home Base Ranch.

These activities are performed on the ground (rather than riding).